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Below are what we at SecondsOld consider the top 5 best online money making programs of 2014. All of these programs are proven and paying. We've done all of the research for you! If you're looking to make money this year, simply join the top 5 best money making programs online of 2014. Whether you join one or join them all, you can't go wrong with the Top 5!

BitClub Network - Our Highest Recommendation

1. BitClub Network - BitClubNetwork is the opportunity of a lifetime. BCN offers the first truly sustainable passive income opportunity where every single member who joins will profit! BitClub Network is able to accomplish this through mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, all payments and payouts are made in Bitcoin (the hottest commodity in the world!). Members must first join BCN for $99, and then purchase mining shares which cost $500; $1,000; and $2,000 respectively. Each mining share pays passive earnings for 1,000 days!!! Sponsoring others can be extremely lucrative, but even passive members who never sponsor anyone will still PROFIT! For that reason, BitClub Network is our #1 MUST JOIN opporunity!

BitClub Network is PAYING!

2. GenesisGlobalNetwork - Genesis Global Network is the global opportunity that offers something for everyone. With a plethora of products and services to choose from, GGN offers an incredible earning opportunity for both the passive and active earner. The compensation plan boasts a 2x20 matrix, a Retail Rewards Pool that pays daily, and much much more. This budding company has a bright future ahead, so become a part of the Genesis Global family and start earning your daily rewards today! (View full Website and details here).

Genesis Global Network is PAYING!

3. DSDomination - DS Domination is the perfect real at home business! With little money, no experience, and no inventory necessary, DSDomination teaches members step-by-step how to dominate Ebay, Amazon, and other top retailers through drop shipping. Sell thousands of products without ever touching a single box. DS Domination allows even the most novice online money maker to begin making money immediately! While sponsoring others can certainly provide a nice bonus, DSDomination is a tangible business where EVERYONE who follows the simple system makes money. No need to sponsor or promote the business, the DS Domination product will have you making money on the product side from day one.

DSDomination is PAYING!

4. BitBillions - Bit Billions is one of the first networking companies based on the hottest commodity in the world - bitcoin! BitBillions hosts a slew of websites that allow you to click links to enter and win prizes from free bitcoins to cars. Each time you click a link, you accumulate points which are paid out each month in the form of bitcoin. There is no cheaper and quicker way to accumulate free bitcoin than with BitBillions. With bitcoin continuing to soar in value as we enter the end of 2014, this program is a must for anyone wanting to get their hands on some cryptocurrency!

BitBillions is PAYING!

5. Emmutec - Emmutec is an outstanding opportunity with an incredible product and compensation plan. The product, Emmunize, is a revolutionary proactive cloud antivirus software that blocks 100% of viruses and malware. Forget Norton, McAfee, and all the others, they cannot protect you! Click here to see how Emmunize compares to your current antivirus. Emmunize is a product needed by essentially everyone on the planet. The excellent compensation plan makes this business a no brainer, and one of the best opportunities available.

Emmutec is PAYING!

6. Stiforp - Stiforp is a "must have" program for any serious internet marketer. Stiforp provides landing pages, lead capture pages, autoresponders, traffic rotators, conference call bridges, and much more to promote ANY business you choose for less than $10 per month! On top of the incredible value and tools, Stiforp allows you the potential to earn over $2,000 without sponsoring.

Stiforp is PAYING!

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